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Welcome to Proud Of My Town (POMT). Our mission is to find more people who are just as passionate about their town, as we are. 

The world today is full of negativity and fear mongering. We are an optimistic team, and we know everyday great things are happening around us in our towns. Sadly there isn't enough light shinning on it. POMT is our small way of sharing the good in the world about our towns, our people and anything that makes us proud of where we are from. 

We are sure each one of us can say that I am PROUD OF MY TOWN for many reasons!!

If you are interested on going a step further, find something about your town that makes you Proud of it, and share a photo or video on our facebook account or if you are on Instagram, tag @proudofmytown if you're on Instagram or Twitter.

So play away and lets start a revolution. Become a POMTer today!