About Our Mission

I have always been a fan of T-shirts with a meaningful picture or a message on them.

​Did you know that there are over 7 billion people on our planet and out of these, around 400 million live in the TOP 20 Most Populated Cities! Thats less than 6%!!! These populated cities include places like Los Angeles, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai, Dubai etc. And you would have to be living in a cave, if you have never seen a T-shirt that said "I Love NY" or "I Love LA". But thats just 6% of the population who live in these 20 most populated cities.

What about the Other 6.5+ Billion people??? that live and thrive in smaller towns? I am sure they are proud of their towns as well! I know I am

​I come from a relatively smaller town in comparison called Canberra in Australia, but you know what? I am very proud of my town. It means so much to me for SO MANY reasons! I could write a book on why I am proud of my town. From places to see, places to eat at, scenery to admire, great public transport, great economy, LOT of jobs. The list is endless

But this is not just about my town. This is about all of you around the world who are proud of their town! POMT is going to be all about showcasing the great things about towns around the world.

So join me in this revolution of positivity!!